Информация о K.H.V. (Koi Herpes Virus) — карповый герпес

Герпес карповых — эта опаснейшая болезнь, которая погубила миллионы карпов во всем мире. Эта болезнь неизлечима на данный момент. Есть некоторые средства по борьбе с ней, которые включают в себя повышение температуры и использование натуральных антибактериальных средств. К сожалению, рыба, которая выжывает, на всю жизнь остается носителем вируса и может передавать его другим рыбам. Дальше описаны методы лечения этой болезни.


K.H.V. Koi Herpes Virus

Contrary to popular belief, there is a cure. The fish will be healed and back to normal if you read the steps below. You need to change your thoughts and rather treat the fish like they have a cold, or pneumonia. If you can think about it that way, you can see that there would be a way to fix the problem.

Forget about salt treatments, random antibiotics, tea tree oil, injections, potassium permanganate and everything else. It will not work on this virus!

Diagnosis Of K.H.V.

The fish will display some or all of these signs: Open sores, fin rot, either caused by Aeromonas, or Pseudomonas bacteria, a clear to whitish or yellow film over the eyes, and a beige to yellowish green or brown mucoid substance on the wounds, skin, or gill area. Most people think that this substance is a fungus, but it is a mucous that comes out of the skin from the virus.

Heat Therapy For K.H.V., The Only Effective Treatment Known
The only effective way to treat Koi that are infected with K.H.V. is with heat therapy. You must have a way to isolate these fish to treat them. You can use aquariums, or smaller isolation ponds to do this. You could set up a temporary isolation pond by using some bricks, back-filling them with dirt, and installing a liner. Make sure you use some bird netting over the top so the Koi will not jump out. Make sure the isolation pond is at least 12 inches deep.

Step 1.) Remove the Koi from the main pond, into the isolation pond or aquariums making sure that the water you are using in the isolation quarters is the same temperature as the pond water.

Step 2.) Slowly heat the water up to 86°F (no more than 2°F per hour). If your water is very cool, due this over a two day period.

Step 3.) Leave the fish in the heated water for a 7 day period. Do not feed the fish during this time as they will be stressed out, and the last thing you want is to have an ammonia or nitrite problem in the water.

Step 4.) After the 7 day heat treatment is finished, slowly cool the water down to 80°F. Once you reach this temperature, start an antibiotic treatment with Koi Fix For Food™ , and Forma-Green in the water…if the fish are still eating. If the fish will not eat, use Koi Fix For Water™. The Koi will need to be kept on these antibiotics for a two week minimum treatment. You may continue these treatments for an extra week if the fish are not quite healed up yet.

K.H.V. Pic 1
This beautiful Koi has a very bad secondary infection caused by Pseudomonas bacteria.

This fish had been sick since December 2005. It was treated with Tea tree oil, 9 injections of Baytril, salt and was in very poor condition by the time we received the call by the customer.

We had started the fish on some antibiotic food, and Forma-Green in the water. The fish started to heal up pretty well. See K.H.V. Pic 2 below

K.H.V. Pic 2
See how the skin started to clear up from the antibiotic treatment? But then, the virus reared it’s head and the fish started excreting mucous out of the skin. This is a definite sign that you have Koi Herpes Virus.

We stopped all antibiotic therapy and water treatments at this point. We started heat therapy and took the fish up to 86°F for seven days and then slowly cooled the fish down to 80°F and resumed treatment with Koi Fix™.

K.H.V. Pic 3
5 weeks later, some Koi Fix™ and some very good care by the hobbyist. See how much better this fish looks? This fish’s name is Paisley. She is 11 years old. Boy has she been through a rough time.

If, we had of known this fish had KHV in the beginning, we could have cleared it up in 3 weeks. Heat therapy is the only thing that worked on the virus. Once the mucous went from yellow/green to beige, we knew that the virus was dying.

Koi Fix™ cleared up all of the secondary infections. This fish had 3 secondary infections: Aeromonas bacteria, Pseudomonas bacteria and Corynebacterium.

Signs Of Improvement, The Healing Process
The way to know that your fish are healing and recovering is: The sores will go from bright or bloody red, to a whitish color. Then they will start to turn a mottled brown color, and then finally to black. You may stop all antibiotic and water treatments at this point, and the fish is ready to be returned to the main pond. If the fish had massive damage to the skin and fins, this will take some time to heal, maybe several months. Some of the fish may end up with scars if the damage was severe.

Will The Koi Be Carriers Of This Virus After Healing?
No. There is too much mis-information circulating around on the internet about Koi being carriers of KHV for life after they have had it. This is not like human herpes. If it was, we would send you to the vet to get a prescription for Valtrex when the fish has flare-ups. Do not believe everything you read out there.

From what we have seen, the virus that the Koi get is similar to a human cold. When you get sick with pneumonia for example, your mucous turns green and you become very ill. Sometimes you can get a secondary bacterial infection which makes you run a fever. This secondary bacterial infection is treated with antibiotics by your doctor. The same goes for the fish folks.

Got Sores? Get your Koi Fix Today!
New! One step treatment against Aeromonas bacteria and Pseudomonas bacteria. Used for all pond fish.
Koi Fix for food. Just mix into the Koi pellets. Helps heal sores caused by a bacterial infection.

Koi Fix for water. If your fish have stopped eating due to illness, this is the medication for you. Also protects against fungal disorders.

*Effective against secondary bacterial infections associated with Koi Herpes Virus (KHV).

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